Meet The Artist


Sumayyah A. Haqq who is currently based in Colorado Springs CO decided in 2019 after 22 years in the hair industry that it was time for something new, her passion for hair was slowly diminishing and she knew she wanted to remain creative but in a different way.  

During her time of decorating her living room she realized she didn’t really see a whole bunch of colorful unique pieces that suited her style, so one day she tapped into her creative brain and made her own wall art and they just so happen to be created out of some items she already had in her home,  some fabric and a quick run to the craft store and one idea turned into another and the next thing she knew she was making a whole lot of creations with different vibrant fabrics and yarn and extra accents and a light bulb went off, new business!

Enjoy the wide variety of handmade colorful mirrors, wall hangings, garlands and more, new pieces are regularly added here.